Maturity In Weakness

I am known for appearing strong and independent, and the world gives this reputation a big hooray! My not-so-secret secret is that my greatest strength has nothing to do with being self sufficient…I entrust my weaknesses to Jesus! When I acknowledge this to the world, I open myself up to being labeled as ignorant and […]

To Unplug or Not To Unplug

Do you struggle with finding quiet time? Maybe you don’t even like quiet time, like me! I find it hard to truly “unplug” and spend quality time in silence, which I know would make it easier for me to connect with God. (Will someone please hide my TV remote?!) But even during my loudest or […]

Jennifer McGill Exclusive!

Jennifer McGill gives an exclusive to Reap Mediazine, where she goes deep about everything from “The New Mickey Mouse Club” days to April’s release of her self-titled EP! “According to Jennifer, the Mickey Mouse Club ‘was the most important chapter in my life because that set the standard and the dreams and emotion for the rest of my […]

Recognizing The Victory

So this is an entry about my diet…during the holidays…but you can look at the bigger picture of my message below, all year round, and take away encouragement that winning today’s battle is all about your perspective! It’s up to you to see differently!!!… In 38 days (less than a month and 2 weeks) I […]

Jennifer Publishes 1st VLOG!

Jennifer shares about her experiences with being led away from her purpose and how we can recognize the Lies, Excuses, and Distractions that can cause us to detour. “When you see yourself and life the way God does (through your ‘God Goggles’) everything becomes clear.” ~Jennifer McGill

Bigger Girl

Have you ever found yourself in a magical kingdom? Have you ever met a prince who fell madly in love with you? I have! Like any other kid, my make-believing began in my backyard and bedroom, imagining I was a warrior princess like from the movie Willow, or a damsel in distress like in Sleeping […]