Love Is Patient…Love Is Kind…

I just had my first Valentine’s Day as a married woman! Most people who know me expect me to wear mostly black on any given day, and this day was no exception…not like back in my single days when I wore all black in protest of Valentine’s Day, but because my love and excitement for […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! I am thankful that God gave me a voice to sing to Him! I am thankful that there is power in the name of Jesus! I am thankful that His great name is the source for salvation, restoration, courage, mercy, and grace! And I’m thankful the Lord gives us each other to encourage […]

Remembering 9/11

I woke up to my mother’s voice on the answering machine, “Jennifer, if you’re asleep, you need to get up and turn on the news. Something bad has happened in New York…” I spent the morning watching the horror unfold on TV, in my old neighborhood. For two years, I had lived on Nassau Street, […]

Pieces of Gratitude

At lunch today, a new friend was telling me about her recent moment of being overwhelmed. “I had strep throat and I was laying in my bed thinking about everything that was out of my control. Every inch of my kitchen was full of sawdust because there were damaged floors still in the middle of […]

Happy Martin Luther King Day!…Life After New Year’s Eve

OK, so we’ve made it to 2016! January is more than half over…How are those New Year’s resolutions holding up? I have found that 95% of my resolutions, though intended to bring about better health or productivity, are focused on ME. And then we arrive at Martin Luther King Day, when I find this quote: […]

Displaced or Placed This Christmas?

During Christmas time, I have skated at Rockefeller Center, I sang and danced on stage with Mickey Mouse, soloed in the Magic Kingdom parade, opened presents under a Hawaiian Christmas tree, and I rang in the New Year from Niagara Falls to Vegas to Germany. I’ve celebrated in friends’ homes, boyfriends’ homes, pastors’ homes, cruise ships, […]

Famously Joyous Gal

Joy has been with me my entire life…she gave birth to me, named me Jennifer Joy McGill, was sitting across from me the moment she entered heaven, and I carry her in my heart everywhere I go. My mother was an amazing woman, and I’m proud to say that most people who knew her say […]

Beyond Your Hot Mess

Can you see beyond your hot mess?! To be glorified, to have joy, to live a good life…what does that mean to you? The world sees glory as fame and fortune, joy as happiness, and a good life as anything more than just surviving this world. Romans 8:28-30 tells me I have already been glorified […]

Maturity In Weakness

I am known for appearing strong and independent, and the world gives this reputation a big hooray! My not-so-secret secret is that my greatest strength has nothing to do with being self sufficient…I entrust my weaknesses to Jesus! When I acknowledge this to the world, I open myself up to being labeled as ignorant and […]

To Unplug or Not To Unplug

Do you struggle with finding quiet time? Maybe you don’t even like quiet time, like me! I find it hard to truly “unplug” and spend quality time in silence, which I know would make it easier for me to connect with God. (Will someone please hide my TV remote?!) But even during my loudest or […]