Jennifer McGill Sings “Hello”: 1st Video Release!

Jennifer McGill is celebrating the launch of her new website with her cover video release of Adele’s “Hello”! “This is a BIG thank you to all my fans who voted this song as their #1 request from me! I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I had fun making this video!” To stay updated […]

Jennifer McGill Interviews Adonis Lenzy

Jennifer turns the tables and becomes the Interviewer of author Adonis Lenzy! Jennifer chats with Adonis (who is also a pastor and speaker for conferences, organizations, and church groups, with more than twenty years of experience) about his new book, NEXT, which is available now!  

Jennifer McGill Goes Viral with Justin Timberlake & Ryan Gosling!

Lance Bass & make Jennifer McGill’s pic go viral! “The former ‘NSYNC star has shared an adorable throwback snap – of Justin Timberlake and Ryan Gosling back when they were members of the revamped Mickey Mouse Club– to mark the occasion. Lance jokingly told his followers: “#FBF to that time when a 3-way meant something […]

Jennifer McGill Talks Ryan Gosling!

Jennifer McGill is featured in Yahoo! Celebrity‘s article commemorating the 25th Anniversary release of The Notebook, and Ryan Gosling‘s rise to “heartthrob status”. Jennifer remembers Ryan’s charm, professionalism, and, oh yeah, one sweet kiss! “He was a charmer and a romantic from the beginning, because as soon as he set foot on that set, he […]

Jennifer McGill Exclusive!

Jennifer McGill gives an exclusive to Reap Mediazine, where she goes deep about everything from “The New Mickey Mouse Club” days to April’s release of her self-titled EP! “According to Jennifer, the Mickey Mouse Club ‘was the most important chapter in my life because that set the standard and the dreams and emotion for the rest of my […]