Mouse Lounge Podcast Interviews Jennifer McGill!

Mouse Lounge Podcast Interviews Jennifer McGill!

“…a very special interview with former Mouseketeer, Jennifer McGill. She was one of the few cast members who was on the show all seven seasons in the 1990s! Jennifer has released a new deluxe single on iTunes, a cover of her 1993 hit, “Hanging On For Dear Life”, [for a limited time only] and “This Little Light”, an original work co-composed with producer, Jeff Savage. Jennifer speaks candidly and fondly of her experience growing up as a Mouseketeer, and what has led up to her new release.” ~ Gary Chambers, Mouse Lounge

Mouse Lounge Podcast: Season 6, Episode 13, “March 25 show” (Jennifer’s interview starts 51:20)

Listen to full episode HERE!

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